Who we are

Studio PKC is a health care communication strategy and experience agency.

Health care is our jam, and we specialize in transforming the customer experience and building brand equity for our clients.

At the helm is Pamela Kim — president, chief strategist and creative thinker. Pamela has spent close to 30 years in health care — from the early days of managed behavioral health carve-outs through the polarizing changes of the Affordable Care Act (she actually read the regulations, can you imagine?) to today’s shifting coverage and delivery models.

Pamela is joined by a team of expert strategists, storytellers, visual artists and social media mavens. Together, team PKC delivers a unique blend of big picture thinking and flawless execution.

How we roll

With us, it’s all about you.

At Studio PKC, we combine our expertise in the health care landscape and insatiable curiosity to push the creative envelope and take you (and your business) to the next level.

Every project we take on — whether your company’s large-scale initiative or newest sales opportunity — starts with the same questions: What does success look like? What will create the best experience? How can we make people feel seen, heard and understood, so that they take the action you want them to take?

Conversational always wins over corporate speak in our book. For every word, design element, and communication tactic, we ask, “Is this necessary? Will it connect with the audience? Does it add value for the reader?” We ruthlessly edit out the extra, speaking in the language of the audience you want to reach.

We dig to uncover what matters most about your services, your latest innovation, your social cause imperative. We get to know your environment, stakeholders, the challenges and opportunities.

That’s how we jump in and deliver solutions that work. And it’s the strategic advantage that keeps Studio PKC on speed dial for years and years.


What can we do for you?

How can we help you transform your health care communications and experience?