Brown & Toland Medical Group, University of California

Building community to boost brand engagement and loyalty


A successful open enrollment advertising campaign resulted in exponential traffic growth to the Brown & Toland website. However, visitors didn’t stay long. The company wanted to give visitors, especially new prospective patients, a reason to linger with the ultimate goal of positioning Brown & Toland as the medical group of choice in the Bay Area and East Bay.

The University of California also wanted to motivate its employees to engage with their health, and turned to their carrier partners for solutions.


Building community was the answer for both organizations. For Brown & Toland, Studio PKC built a wellness library on the company’s website, serving up both quick reads on popular topics and deeper thought leader articles that featured an interview with a Brown & Toland doctor. The content was repurposed in the company’s social channels, creating a bigger presence and connection.

The UC request came to life via a community platform. We partnered with Health Net Blue & Gold HMO to create Blue & Gold Central — “a resource library that puts health in your hands.” Run in a blog-type format, Blue & Gold Central has content that helps members use their plan, save on health care and try a variety of health and wellness tips. Each article is cross-promoted on the Health Net of UC Facebook page, creating two-way traffic.


Community makes an impact! Brown & Toland saw the number and length of page views increase, as well as name recognition during the next open enrollment. The Health Net for UC community on Facebook increased 38% within six months of the Blue & Gold Central launch and continues to grow.

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