Health Net, Inc.

Inspiring employees to be brand ambassadors


The success of a re-brand depends on an employee population that understands how to live it. When Health Net rebranded, it knew employee engagement was vital, and had only a 12-week window to make it happen.


Studio PKC joined with the leadership and brand team to create a multi-layered employee engagement campaign, the centerpiece of which was Brandville. An internal social media game, Brandville fueled brand adoption by using badge-earning and sharing to teach the brand behaviors in a fun and rewarding way.

The community and friendly competition that Brandville inspired had a buzz-boosting effect as employees took it in new directions, such as the Battle of the Badges between the division sales teams to see which one could earn the most badges.


At the end of its four-month lifespan, Brandville engaged a critical mass of users that drove results beyond expectations: 95% employee participation, 149,866 badges earned, and 203 employees reached the ultimate Pinnacle status.

Most importantly, Brandville make the brand tangible so that employees in every role and position could live it and deliver on the promise. The rebrand, as a result, was a success that reached beyond the top layers of the organization, becoming part of the company’s DNA, which, in turn, drove market awareness and growth.

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